Culligan introduces the latest generation of Bi-Osmosis water treatment units for Haemodialysis at the ERA-EDTA congress in Instanbul

ISTANBUL, May 18, 2013 – Culligan, a leading global innovator of advanced water treatment solutions for more than 75 years, introduces its next generation Bi-osmosis system for the treatment of water for haemodialysis. Culligan will be presenting the new system at its Booth #D9 at the 50th ERA-EDTA Congress in Istanbul.

Culligan has a strong 30 year heritage in this market, was the first company to introduce to the market RO technology for the treatment of water for haemodialysis, and led the way in developing the Bi-Osmosis treatment concept.

Culligan is proud to announce the launch of the new Culligan RO2, its most technologically advanced water treatment system for haemodialysis utilizing the latest in bi-osmosis water treatment technology.

The new bi-osmosis system consists of two separate reverse osmosis systems operating in series to produce water of the highest quality and purity. By operating in series the system effectively treats the water twice. In the first pass, 90-99% of the salts and other contaminants in the water are removed, and in the second pass, again an additional 90-99% of the residual contaminants are removed. Most importantly this provides a guaranteed barrier to microbial contamination.

An added advantage to the Culligan bi-osmosis system is that in the event of an emergency, the system can operate on a single reverse osmosis system and still produce dialysis quality water. The Culligan RO2 will automatically move to this single pass configuration in the unlikely event of a problem, so there is no need for manual intervention.

“A person in need of dialysis has his or her blood in close contact with huge amounts of water – approximately 150 liters per session – three times a week. Our state-of-the-art equipment is designed and manufactured to reliably produce water of the highest possible standards. That is why hundreds of Culligan’s water treatment units for haemodialysis are installed in Europe, the Mediterranean Basin and the Middle East,” said Chris Freeman, Marketing Director EMEA, Culligan International.

The new Culligan RO2 system utilises a touch screen interface designed to make controlling the system as simple and intuitive as possible. All of the Culligan systems are PLC controlled to allow easy integration into existing hospital control systems or building management systems to make control, monitoring of operating parameters or alarms as simple as possible. The advanced control logic of the new RO2 also allows for automatic control of the system providing reliable and safe water for your patients at all times.

Culligan is committed to environmental sustainability and has designed the new RO2 system to be as energy- and water-efficient as possible. By offering a modular design with a range of flow rates and by recycling and retreating as much water as possible, the new RO2 water treatment system can help reduce utility costs and meet environmental commitments.

Culligan’s bi-osmosis water treatment equipment is the result of 30 years of experience in the haemodialysis sector. Offering flow rates of up to 3600 liters per hour (L/h), the new Biosmosis system is Class IIb Certified and is medical device certified according to UNI EN ISO 13485, and CE 0434.

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